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Responsive Design: All Screens, Large and Small

As mobile devices continue to proliferate across our digital landscape, they pose a difficult problem for website developers: how can we design sites that look great on all these different displays, ranging in size from a billboard to a postage stamp? Well, the answer is responsive design (or its first cousin, adaptive design).

What is responsive design? It’s a design method for making websites that respond or adapt to the device on which a person is viewing them (web developers may argue fine points of difference between responsive and adaptive design, but to lay persons, the two terms are fairly synonymous). Though the site you’re reading now uses a static layout, I’m currently working with a customer on a responsive site that will look great for his clients regardless of whether they’re viewing it on a 30″ HD desktop display or a Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone. Because we just began the project, I can’t show it to you live, but to get an idea of what responsive design is all about, check out the homepage below of SparkBox, a web development firm specializing in responsive design.

SparkBox home page shown on a variety of screens.